About Jill Browne – Online and Off

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My name is Jill Browne and this is a bit about me. This website, jillbrowne.ca, is a growing collection of work I’ve done and am doing now. Most of it involves travel blogging, but a few things are on different lines.

Jill Browne, Canadian travel blogger

Jill Browne, Canadian travel blogger

I tell stories about places and people. I’m a Canadian baby boomer, blogging since 2005, writing since forever. I take loads of pictures. I have edited thousands of short online articles by hundreds of writers and still take on editing projects occasionally.

I travel a lot.

Since the early 1990s I’ve been a keen recreational genealogist. I love researching family history, particularly where there is some UK history in the mix. I’ll connect you to your English roots with a Personal Heritage Hotspots list created just for you — ask me!

I have a real passion for London, especially its history. I’m not a historian but a fan, you could say. I explore. I’m also partial to Nordic countries. If I wasn’t an Anglophile I would be a Nordophile. Or perhaps I can be both. At the other end of the world, I would love to see more of New Zealand and Australia.

My past lives have included land reclamation research (long ago but fantastic experience), geography, a smattering of landscape architecture, deep immersion in law, business, IP, IT, MBA, LLB, and a diploma and practical experience in Cultural Resource Management (museums and heritage).

Of everything I have done I like writing and taking pictures the best.

I can help you start blogging about travel, business, or pretty much anything else you like. If you want to start from scratch without spending much, get in touch. Once you know the ropes I can point you toward other coaches or programs to help you advance, whether it’s to become a better writer, a better photographer, or to make money blogging.

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