We arrive in Kew. It never gets old.

Kew Gardens Station, May 12, 2013.

We had just arrived at Kew, though not for the first time, my husband and me.

Some days at the station there would be a bread stall set up for the day, in that orange tent shown in the top photo.

I didn’t want to shop at the TESCO Express but sometimes it was the only choice. I’d get home too late in the day to find proper food, or I’d be too tired to walk out of my way. TESCO was almost on a straight line from the station to my flat.

It never got old or stale, even though it was in a way the wallpaper of my time in London.


A squat, 2-storey buff-coloured train station building. In front of it, some parked cars, people walking, and an orange tent.

Kew Gardens Station on the District Line. The orange tent is a bread stall. Taken on May 12, 2013, Jill Browne.

A row of 3-storey red-brick attached houses with white trim and many windows. The ground floor of the original buildings is covered up by newer store fronts including a TESCO Express. A person sits on the sidewalk and another is walking by with what might be a rolling suitcase.

TESCO Express at Kew Gardens Station, London. Taken on May 12, 2013, Jill Browne.